Lane Ferro

Lane’s distinctive blend of experience, qualifications, energy and innovative adaptation allows her to provide clients with unrivaled service and flexibility – whether their strategy is investing for short term profits, long term investment with interim income objectives, disposing of an underwater property or capitalizing on current market conditions to acquire the home of their dreams. Based on her extensive experience as a specialist in the million-dollar luxury home market, Lane is critically attuned to the concepts of client partnering, strategic vision, business savvy and confidentiality that her clients expect from their real estate professional.

As a Member of the Million Dollar Guild (CLHMS), Lane excelled during the zenith of Lake Las Vegas, an up-scale resort community of custom homes, golf courses, hotels, casinos and shopping all centered on the largest man-made lake in Nevada. With the cooling of the luxury home market Lane recognized the necessity for diverse, unique and individualized approaches to her client’s’ evolving real estate and investment requirements. Through her innovation in specialty investment platforms for Trustee Auction Sales, Lane achieved an enviable track record; assisting her clients in closing over 60 transactions in 14 months.

Lane has been instrumental in opening and operating three Las Vegas area real estate brokerages, each of which maintains a continuing presence in a different niche of the volatile Las Vegas real estate market. Now, Lane brings her perceptive practicality, industry insight and savoir-faire as a Broker Associate at the McMonigle Group serving Palm Springs. Whether her clients seek a new primary residence, investment properties or advice and assistance with short sale and other “escape” strategies, they will experience the same keen interest and fervor that has become Lane’s hallmark within the industry.

Despite the demands of business, Lane always found the time to participate within her community. As a member of the Greater Ft. Worth Home Builders Association – which was at the time the largest and most active such association in the country – Lane served as a member on the Home Builders’ annual “Street of Dreams” Home Show.